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We have been restoring starters, generators, and supplying component parts for over 20 years.  We are different from your typical rebuilder in that we do a complete individualized restoration.  We do not rebuild late model applications.  Our focus is based on early model starters, generators, alternators and  component parts.  We strive for mechanical perfection internally as well as cosmetic perfection externally.

About our products / restorations

We insure that our armatures and coils are wound like they were originally and matched correctly so that they function properly on your application.  

When doing a restoration all component parts are completely stripped from the unit. The case and end plates are steel shot blasted and metal parts are rust cured and primed.  New or custom wound armatures are always installed along with new field coils.  All small parts including oilers, brushes, lockwashers, nuts, screws, bearings, etc. are replaced with new.  Whenever possible we always upgrade the starter drive and install new heavy duty drives.  The same holds true on starter coils, if heavy duty or high torque versions are available we will always upgrade.  After assembly and before final paint all units are tested for correct performance based on the specific application. 

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Restored 1949 International Harvester KB5 Truck starter.
John Deere 420 generator
John Deere 420 generator